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Gratitude and Support

While “Wounded” is a fiction novel, it is based upon true events and people. Members of RCMP “D” Division were among the group of individuals who generously contributed their knowledge and experience during the research phase of the book.

Tragically, these same Members have recently faced the most horrific reality that is inherent in their jobs. They have lost three of their own in the line of duty with two other Members left injured in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The outpouring of support across the country from people who appreciate all that the men and women of law enforcement do to protect our communities has been overwhelming. It sometimes takes a tragedy like this to make us aware of how much we take for granted. “D” Division Slain Peace Officer Fund is a means by which the general public can show gratitude and support. The fund enables Members to attend the funerals of Fallen Members in other parts of the country. Donations are always gratefully received as are letters of support, sympathy and gratitude.

Wounded, a novel by Barbara Joyce Hawryluk.

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