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“Wounded” has just received two more honours, to be celebrated in Billings, Montana the weekend of October 23 – 26. It is a finalist in two categories of The High Plains Book Award Event – best woman writer and first book. Finalists in all categories from Canada and parts of the U.S. will be in… Read more »


Formerly a church and later a recording studio, NYC Providence hosted the eighteenth annual Independent Book Publisher Awards. The whole experience was overwhelming and surreal -  everything from meeting publishers, authors and celebrities from around the world to soaking in the lavish and historic décor of the building. Wall after wall boasted albums of artists… Read more »


Thank you to everyone who came out to The Gates and McNally to support the launch of “Wounded,” and meet the hard-working and energetic supporting cast of “Team Wounded”: Arvel Gray, Jeni Wykes, Graham Hawryluk, Garry Hawryluk, Cole Holyk, Jaimie and Warren Law, Ron McDougall, Paul Joyal, Barb Bain, Olivia Arnason, Rhonda Bruchanski and Marianne Smith.   With the… Read more »

Barbara Joyce-Hawryluk

After more than three years, the matrix of characters, plot and sub-plots have finally come together in print. “What does it feel like?” friends have asked. My answer, “Exciting and…nerve wracking!” Exciting because I can check off a major item on my bucket list. Nerve wracking because of the questions that follow: 1. Has the… Read more »