Within minutes of arriving at a dilapidated trailer, one officer is fatally shot and his partner, Constable Debrah Thomas, is left with a wound that she thought had long ago been healed….

Welcome to the Home of Scarlet Force Novels

“When I set out to write my first book, I thought that my life story would be a good place to start.

There’s only one problem.
My life is boring.”

So, with my son’s voice in the back of my mind, insisting that the writing should have an Indiana Jones feel to it, Wounded was born.

As the first installment in a crime fiction series called Scarlet Force, Wounded is based on real people and events, drawing from my experiences in social work and my understanding of the law enforcement world. My father, also a writer, maintained that my particular skill in being “economical with the truth” would, for once, be an asset.

The characters tumbled easily out of my mind, eager for me to help them reveal their stories, and share the often lonely and tragic realities facing law enforcement officers.

I hope you enjoy their company as much as I have.


It was a routine domestic dispute that leaves one officer dead while his partner, Constable Debrah Thomas, is left to deal with the aftermath.

Along with her husband, an RCMP Major Crimes Investigator, the couple uncover the ghosts of their past as they’re lured into a terrifying trap set by a psychopathic predator.