Thank you to everyone who came out to The Gates and McNally to support the launch of Wounded, and meet the hard-working and energetic supporting cast of “Team Wounded”: Arvel Gray, Jeni Wykes, Graham Hawryluk, Garry Hawryluk, Cole Holyk, Jaimie and Warren Law, Ron McDougall, Paul Joyal, Barb Bain, Olivia Arnason, Rhonda Bruchanski and Marianne Smith. With the champagne flowing, people mingling, and books being sold, both of these events were truly “electric.” Ray Louie, Manager of The Gates, and the entire staff created an unforgettable atmosphere for the maiden launch. It was wonderful to see so many Headingley folks, including the Headingley Book Club, as well as other special friends and family members. Thank you to Val and Krista for playing Paparazzi and to Krista and Kelly for organizing the book sales. And a special thanks to my dear friend, Cheryl. I suspect there aren’t too many people who would muster for a book launch on Day 3 of chemotherapy warfare (and looking gorgeous to boot!). John and Allison from McNally went above and beyond to make the pre-launch and launch activities a huge success, putting “Wounded” on the Best Sellers list within a week of hitting the shelves. After a brief stop at the RCMP Heritage Centre and Museum in Regina (It is really well worth visiting), Arvel, Jeni and I headed out to Calgary, where we enjoyed a special kind of Western hospitality in 20 plus temperatures! A special thank you to the energizer bunny known as Joan Karlowski without whom none of this would have been possible. Joan was a true force of nature, organizing signings at Spirit Indigo and Chapters Shawnessy, in addition to a cocktail party in her home. The weekend was pure magic! Renewing contacts with family and friends out west, and making new ones in the process. Thank you Calgary: Can’t wait to come back!