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Hot, humid air blanketed all of southern Manitoba for the fifth consecutive day as RCMP Constables Debrah Thomas and Jess Beckett pulled into the Portage Avenue Drive-thru of Tim Hortons just outside the west Winnipeg perimeter. The broken air conditioning in the police car had been sputtering and burping up warm air since noon, and as they waited in line to place their order, the blistering afternoon sun was turning the overheated interior of the Crown Victoria into a sauna on wheels…

Customer Reviews

As a former broadcast journalist who covered the police and courts, I’m a stickler for detail in crime novels, especially when those novels are fictional accounts. Barb Hawryluk’s meticulous research and her knowledge of the inside workings of the RCMP give readers an unvarnished glimpse into the world of crime and the people involved on both sides. Characters are believable; plots are plausible and descriptions are pristine. You could almost smell the stale cigarette smoke and beer at the crime scene.

Wounded is peppered with the surprises of an old-fashioned who-done-it and elevated with the intrigue of modern psychology. It’s a page-turner that is impossible to put down.

-Amazon reader

“Great book… The story got me hooked right away. A must-read from multiple perspectives. Lots of plot twists and insights intertwined within an excellent story. Well worth the read!”

-Amazon reader

Bad Elf

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Chapter 4

Liam sat back in the club chair while his wife perched on the edge of the couch. Sunlight floated through the cantilevered window of their living room, adding glow to her animated features.

“So that’s about it. I’d be part of a team in a diamond smuggling operation. My job is to run a marathon in Nanisivik and then visit Iqaluit. There’s a new mine opening nearby and they need eyes and ears in the community, hopefully to get some intel. If I agree to go, the briefings start next week. And the only person who can know what’s going on is you. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I’m still on leave. Not that anyone’s paying attention anymore. I’m old news now.”

Liam quietly processed the implications of what his wife had just said. She hadn’t told them yes, but she wanted to. He could see it in her eyes.

His job, Project Debilitate, would be going into full swing in less than a week. With Hells Angels declared a criminal organization in Manitoba, a shot of legislative adrenaline had been injected into the judicial system. Time and money were no longer being wasted by having to first prove that the gang was criminal before going to trial with every arrest. The result was renewed enthusiasm for front line workers like Liam.

They’d discussed Liam’s temporary move from major crimes to undercover for weeks before he agreed to the reassignment. Debrah would manage the home front until the job was finished. That meant single parenting for a while and supporting Liam in a new posting that carried more than the usual stress and risk.

Stay Frosty

A short story contest runner-up.

One Breath at a Time

Non-Fiction short story, published in Medicine and Meaning Literary Journal, University of Arkansas for Medical Science.

When the Sun Rises Without You

Non-Fiction short story, published by bioStories.

Finding Faith

2020 Writer’s Digest award winning short story.

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