M. L. Parker -

As a former broadcast journalist who covered the police and courts, I’m a stickler for detail in crime novels, especially when those novels are fictional accounts.

Barb Hawryluk’s meticulous research and her knowledge of the inside workings of the RCMP give readers an unvarnished glimpse into the world of crime and the people involved on both sides. Characters are believable; plots are plausible and descriptions are pristine. You could almost smell the stale cigarette smoke and beer at the crime scene.

Wounded is peppered with the surprises of an old-fashioned who-done-it and elevated with the intrigue of modern psychology. It’s a page-turner that is impossible to put down.

Ann Fraser -

I loved the book. The story kept moving and made you want to keep reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Heather Horncastle -

I just finished "Wounded" and thoroughly enjoyed it. From the very first sentence, Canadian readers will smile at the familiar - Double-Double from Tim Horton's, anyone? It reminded me of watching the Canadian television drama "Flashpoint" and catching a glimpse of a TTC bus or hearing them mention a street I've walked down. Those who know Winnipeg and the area will undoubtedly have even more of those moments with "Wounded." The story lines were captivating, the characters interesting and likable (except when they weren't supposed to be) and the ending completely satisfying. I liked getting to know The Scarlet Force and hope to see them again some time soon!